Eamon and Nicola’s Wedding

I had a great time shooting a lovely wedding  between Nicola and Eamon and their family and friends. Held in Bishops Stortford. The black and cream theme worked really well, with the guys all in black tucks and the bridesmaids in a black and cream combination. Nicola looked stunning in her wedding dress, and the soft vintage look was a wow.

At the end of a long days shoot, satisfied that I had captured the day and ready to pack my camera bags to head home, I was so touched when Nicola’s farther come up to me and thanked me for my work 🙂  He told me about the bad experience that they had at their sons wedding the previous year where the inexperienced photographer turned up in jeans and did not capture the wedding very well.

I hope that my work will encourage people to always book a professional photographer for their wedding….it makes all the difference.


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